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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 1

It's time for us to once again begin the annual tradition of using games, gut feelings and snark to rank the 14 SEC teams

Kevin C. Cox

1. Alabama
Stopping air-raid offenses isn't exactly Nick Saban's "thing," and it was the first week, so I'm not going to dock him too terribly much right now. Another performance like that, though, and my ballot at least is likely to have a new No. 1.

2. Auburn
They have a quarterback who can throw for 243 yards a half to go along with the quarterback who can run for 1,000 yards a season and why is anyone even trying any more?

3. Georgia
For the last time, losing to a ranked team is not an example of "Clemsoning." In this case, it was an example of a potentially overhyped ACC team running into a buzzsaw named Todd Gurley.

4. Texas A&M
Hedging a little bit here, because it's not at all clear that South Carolina isn't a team that should have been waxed on its own field. But this is a lot higher than A&M would have been on a preseason ballot.

5. LSU
Are we ranking the team that fell behind 24-7 or the team that ended up winning the game. Because aside from Anthony Jennings throwing wild passes to no one in particular, it's kind of a big difference.

6. Florida
Played the rain and lost. But the rain might be a better opponent than we thought this year.

7. Mississippi State
Dan Mullen destroys a lesser opponent, part 3,764. What can he do against the SEC this year?

8. Ole Miss
Take away the stat padding in the fourth quarter, and this is an uninspiring win against a Boise State team of uncertain quality. But it's still a win against a solid program that's in the FBS.

9. Missouri
Or you can just beat up on an FCS team.

10. South Carolina
Somewhere, a Texas A&M wide receiver is still running, waiting for the South Carolina secondary to catch him.

11. Tennessee
Chuckie Beaten, amirite?

12. Kentucky
Beat a team with a mascot that I recognize as an actual thing and we'll talk.

13. Arkansas
Sam Irwin-Hill averaged 43 yards on his seven punts, so that's nice.

14. Vanderbilt
Are we sure that Derek Mason never had a job as a turkey inseminator?