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Texas A&M vs. South Carolina 2014 SEC season opener live chat

Join the staff of Team Speed Kills as #21 Texas A&M visits #9 South Carolina in the FBS vs. FBS kickoff of the 2014 college football season -- plus the debut of the SEC Network!

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Opening Night

Brandon Larrabee [2:40 AM]:


Temple Owls Upset Vanderbilt Commodores in 37-7 Demolition

Very little went right for Vanderbilt in a beatdown that raises questions about what the season has in store for the Commodores

Brandon Larrabee [1:19 AM]:

Temple 31
VanderbiLOLt 7

Brandon Larrabee [1:13 AM]:

An interception, and it’s getting really ugly in Nashville

Brandon Larrabee [1:02 AM]:

And now Vanderbilt coughs up the punt

Brandon Larrabee [12:51 AM]:

I think he still had it. My only question is whether they thought it wasn’t indisputable

VandyTigerPhD [12:46 AM]:

THere is no way in hell that was a fumble,

Brandon Larrabee [12:30 AM]:

It’s 21-7 now, by the way

Brandon Larrabee [12:17 AM]:

2nd 2:07
New Temple 14
Old Vanderbilt 7

Brandon Larrabee [12:01 AM]:

“Temple in a hurry-up mode.” Nothing about either of these offenses has been hurry-up tonight

Brandon Larrabee [11:49 PM]:

2nd 10:18
Can’t snap the ball cleanly 7
Uniform ne’er-do-wells 7

Brandon Larrabee [11:46 PM]:


Ole Miss Rebels Pull Away from Boise State Broncos 35-13

It was far from pretty in the Georgia Dome, but it got the job done.

VandyTigerPhD [11:46 PM]:

leave it to Vanderbit to run up with a team of lawyers to object

Brandon Larrabee [11:43 PM]:

Vanderbilt got the email to the officials and now has their timeouts back

Brandon Larrabee [11:41 PM]:

Wait. Steve Shaw might have approved these uniforms in an email, and Vanderbilt is trying to get a copy to the officials. I am losing what little hope I had that the people in charge of college football have any idea what they’re doing

Brandon Larrabee [11:35 PM]:

Vanderbilt is losing a timeout each quarter for having “Anchor Down” instead of the player names on the back of their jerseys. Listen, I couldn’t make up something that stupid if I wanted to

Brandon Larrabee [11:29 PM]:

Well, Vanderbilt has a good punter, at least

Brandon Larrabee [11:21 PM]:

1st 3:47
Temple 7
Old Vanderbilt is back 0

David Wunderlich [11:21 PM]:

Don’t do this, Vandy

Brandon Larrabee [11:17 PM]:

And Temple just forced a turnover against Vanderbilt for good field position, so this is interesting now

Brandon Larrabee [11:11 PM]:

And Temple and Vanderbilt appear to be intent on setting a record for punts

Brandon Larrabee [10:57 PM]:

Temple-Vanderbilt is now underway

Brandon Larrabee [10:56 PM]:

@Year2 Yeah. It’s almost like I saw a team tonight that didn’t know how to do that

David Wunderlich [10:55 PM]:

I’ll give Ole Miss this: they know how to tackle well. It’s not as common a skill as it should be.

David Wunderlich [10:52 PM]:

4th 10:05
Finally awake 21
Fading fast 6

Brandon Larrabee [10:51 PM]:

David Wunderlich [10:37 PM]:

4th 12:26
Big, Fast, Dumb 14
Undermanned but not dumb 6

Brandon Larrabee [10:29 PM]:


Texas A&M Aggies Blast South Carolina Gamecocks, 52-28, Shaking Up the Season

The Gamecocks aren’t as good as we thought and the Aggies aren’t as bad as we thought. But we might know less now than we did before Thursday night’s game

David Wunderlich [10:08 PM]:

The Rebel defense is bailing out its dumb offense

David Wunderlich [10:01 PM]:

Ole Miss puts in the running QB for fourth and short and the shotgun snap goes off of his leg. Of course.

David Wunderlich [9:57 PM]:

Ole Miss could be really, really good if it doesn’t step on its own feet constantly

VandyTigerPhD [9:35 PM]:

@Year2 lol that is so TAMU

David Wunderlich [9:34 PM]:

@VandyTigerPhD You’re right. It comes from frog gigging.

Brandon Larrabee [9:33 PM]:

I will be back shortly, but I have to go write a recap of the A&M-S.C. game. After I jab a fork into the back of my hand

VandyTigerPhD [9:32 PM]:

I sseem to remember that Gig ’em started as a derrogatory about TCU, but I could be misremembering what that Red Raider was telling me

VandyTigerPhD [9:31 PM]:

the most Spurrier way to call the last play

Brandon Larrabee [9:26 PM]:

South Carolina has officially allowed more yards than it did under Tyrone Nix. There are no words

Brandon Larrabee [9:26 PM]:

David Wunderlich [9:24 PM]:

Ole Miss is very big, very fast, and very dumb. It could beat or lose to anyone.

Brandon Larrabee [9:21 PM]:

@Lord Henry Wotton’s Dawg At least with probation you have no reason to hope

Brandon Larrabee [9:20 PM]:

Meanwhile, Ole Miss-Boise State is the opposite of A&M-South Carolina

Lord Henry Wotton's Dawg [9:19 PM]:

College football is a cruel mistress unless you’re Alabama. If you’re Alabama, you’ll have periods of trancendence followed by related periods of probation. There must be comfort in that. Mostly kidding, of course.

Brandon Larrabee [9:14 PM]:

Brandon Larrabee [9:09 PM]:

4th 12:09
Texas A&M all the points
South Carolina none of them

David Wunderlich [9:09 PM]:

There’s the stat I was looking for

Brandon Larrabee [9:07 PM]:

They’re saying the kickoff for Vanderbilt will now be 10:06

VandyTigerPhD [9:05 PM]:

the defense isnt even trying to strip it

VandyTigerPhD [9:04 PM]:

Temple vs Coach Mason, and Coach Mason alone. -ESPN

David Wunderlich [9:02 PM]:

It’s almost jarring to see solid goal line defense from Ole Miss after SC-A&M

VandyTigerPhD [9:00 PM]:

eerrrrr was that late?

Brandon Larrabee [8:59 PM]:


VandyTigerPhD [8:58 PM]:

wow what a second effort

David Wunderlich [8:57 PM]:

Can’t tell if prevent defense or just A&M defense

VandyTigerPhD [8:56 PM]:

@Brandon Larrabee lol

David Wunderlich [8:55 PM]:

Carolina’s best defensive play has been “A&M receiver drop”

Brandon Larrabee [8:55 PM]:

Bo Wallace just threw the ball right to his man. Unfortunately, his man was wearing a Boise jersey

VandyTigerPhD [8:54 PM]:

this is like watching ur friends play video games….

Brandon Larrabee [8:54 PM]:

@Year2 Exactly

VandyTigerPhD [8:53 PM]:

ground and pound, run first football

VandyTigerPhD [8:53 PM]:

i miss old football

David Wunderlich [8:52 PM]:

South Carolina will keep scoring, but it doesn’t matter if they can’t get any stops at all

Brandon Larrabee [8:52 PM]:

3rd 2:38
Team with some defense 45
Team with no defense 28

VandyTigerPhD [8:51 PM]:


Brandon Larrabee [8:50 PM]:

Even when Thompson completes throws, he’s overthrowing his man

VandyTigerPhD [8:50 PM]:


Brandon Larrabee [8:46 PM]:

1st 0:57
Ole Miss 7
Boise State 0

VandyTigerPhD [8:45 PM]:

lol that vandy game is getting delayed til…. saturday

Brandon Larrabee [8:43 PM]:

3rd 5:06
Texas A&M 45
South Carolina 21

Brandon Larrabee [8:42 PM]:

And that removes all doubt

Brandon Larrabee [8:38 PM]:

South Carolina tries an on-sides kick, but it fails

Brandon Larrabee [8:38 PM]:

It’s 38-21 for A&M. I’m sick of correcting it

Brandon Larrabee [8:32 PM]:

South Carolina has something going on this drive, but it might be way too late

Brandon Larrabee [8:27 PM]:

“That’s not an accurate call.” Rece Davis, master of understatement

Brandon Larrabee [8:26 PM]:

Brandon Larrabee [8:21 PM]:

Georgia’s march to the SEC East Championship has begun

David Wunderlich [8:18 PM]:

That breakdown by the Gamecocks was inevitable.

Brandon Larrabee [8:18 PM]:

At this rate, South Carolina’s not just going to lose, they’re going to get blown out

David Wunderlich [8:16 PM]:

Boise State isn’t going to get to 20 points without help from the Ole Miss defense.

Brandon Larrabee [8:16 PM]:

That’s not man-to-man coverage, it’s man-to-no-man coverage

Brandon Larrabee [8:14 PM]:

What was the middle of the S.C. line doing?

David Wunderlich [8:13 PM]:

Way to learn something, A&M. You usually don’t get flags if you actually turn around.

Brandon Larrabee [8:12 PM]:

Spurrier is going to throw. A lot

VandyTigerPhD [8:11 PM]:

@Brandon Larrabee thank god they may not know who I am… although they can easily just check their server logs lol

VandyTigerPhD [8:11 PM]:

@Brandon Larrabee yeah, they emailed the email i have publicly listed, was p cool

Brandon Larrabee [8:10 PM]:

@VandyTigerPhD O RLY?

VandyTigerPhD [8:10 PM]:

@Brandon Larrabee btw I heard from VZ themselves regarding that fanpost. lol.

VandyTigerPhD [8:09 PM]:

@Brandon Larrabee iz cool bro

Brandon Larrabee [8:09 PM]:

@VandyTigerPhD Yeah, my mind is kind of numb right now

VandyTigerPhD [8:08 PM]:

Vanderbilt? our gae doesnt start for another hour

David Wunderlich [8:08 PM]:

Ole Miss kind of tried to get a 15-yard penalty on defense. Boise succeeds.

Brandon Larrabee [8:07 PM]:

Two complete passes gets Vanderbilt back to the original line of scrimmage. But the late hit will move them much farther

Brandon Larrabee [8:04 PM]:

That hurt

David Wunderlich [8:04 PM]:

Ole Miss’s guys are noticeably bigger and faster. We’ll see if it matters, but it’s there.

VandyTigerPhD [8:03 PM]:

nobody tell Temple, ill take every advantage i can

Brandon Larrabee [8:03 PM]:

Red is apparently not the jersey color you want to go with tonight

David Wunderlich [8:02 PM]:

Based on the opening kickoff, we’re going to have a huge shoving match before halftime.

Jake Nazar [8:02 PM]:

@VandyTigerPhD The MAC CCG is the best, dude

Brandon Larrabee [8:02 PM]:

Actually, scratch that. Temple’s back in the Big American Whosyacallit

VandyTigerPhD [8:01 PM]:

the game could be two 1-10 SEC teams, and I’d watch it as opposed to the MAC CCG

Brandon Larrabee [8:00 PM]:

SEC vs. MACtion

VandyTigerPhD [7:59 PM]:

/shrug, Im used to watching Vandy be incompetent. Im excited to see how the 3-4 works for us.

Jake Nazar [7:57 PM]:

@VandyTigerPhD I’m excited for the clusterfuck that will be Vandy-Temple, though

VandyTigerPhD [7:57 PM]:

I gotta be honest, im more excited for LSU-Wisc than I am the Vandy-Temple game

Brandon Larrabee [7:55 PM]:

Kenny Hill is on pace to throw for 598 yards in this game

Jake Nazar [7:55 PM]:


VandyTigerPhD [7:54 PM]:


VandyTigerPhD [7:53 PM]:

TO be honest, I enjoy looking like a moron almost more than i like gloating about a correct prediction

Brandon Larrabee [7:53 PM]:

Haha this looks really dumb right now (curls into fetal position)

David Wunderlich [7:52 PM]:

Defensive adjustments, coach? “Rush the passer. Cover some guys. That kind of stuff.”

VandyTigerPhD [7:51 PM]:

Spurrier Owns so hard. Real Talk, all the time

Brandon Larrabee [7:50 PM]:

“They’re kicking our butts.” Steve Spurrier, master analyst

David Wunderlich [7:50 PM]:

@VandyTigerPhD It did have the distance.

Brandon Larrabee [7:50 PM]:

@VandyTigerPhD I don’t think it missed by much, from where it was kicked

VandyTigerPhD [7:49 PM]:

was it my terrible feed, or did it look like that had the distance?

Brandon Larrabee [7:49 PM]:


VandyTigerPhD [7:47 PM]:

everytime i hear Nick Jones, i cannot help but to think of the Robocop villain

Brandon Larrabee [7:45 PM]:

And Bad Dylan is back

Brandon Larrabee [7:45 PM]:

Good Dylan is back

Jake Nazar [7:45 PM]:

Big play there

Brandon Larrabee [7:44 PM]:

2nd 1:16
Texas A&M 31
South Carolina 14

wamarsh [7:42 PM]:

The DBs are doing as poorly getting off block as they are in pass coverage.

David Wunderlich [7:42 PM]:

If speed option to the short side works, South Carolina’s in more trouble than we thought.

Brandon Larrabee [7:42 PM]:

South Carolina needs to score before the halftime right now

Brandon Larrabee [7:40 PM]:

@wamarsh You would think

wamarsh [7:39 PM]:

Uncatchable though, right?

Brandon Larrabee [7:39 PM]:

A&M coudl have 25 first downs in the first half tonight

Brandon Larrabee [7:37 PM]:

I don’t want to think about it. I’m hoping for a turnover and 24-21, but I doubt it happens

David Wunderlich [7:36 PM]:

I’m going to say 27-14.

David Wunderlich [7:36 PM]:

OK, prediction time. What’s the halftime score going to be?

Brandon Larrabee [7:35 PM]:

Defense hung back on that screen

Brandon Larrabee [7:32 PM]:

Thompson overthrows everyone

David Wunderlich [7:32 PM]:

Even if that’s a miscommunication, Thompson still overthrew Anderson

wamarsh [7:30 PM]:

Does Palmer get to go 5 o’clock shade on SECN? It’s like ESPN After Dark

Jake Nazar [7:28 PM]:

It may not of been a penalty…..but that’s because they can’t stick with Byrd

Brandon Larrabee [7:28 PM]:

I take that back. It wasn’t a “had to” call, but flaggable

Brandon Larrabee [7:27 PM]:

Not sure about that flag, but I’ll take it

wamarsh [7:26 PM]:

Carolina is staying two TE too. Did the coaches visit Stanford this summer? Spread it out, create leverage, and then run it on A&M.

David Wunderlich [7:26 PM]:

The only real reason not to just chuck it deep every play is to get the Gamecock defense some rest.

Brandon Larrabee [7:26 PM]:

Does Dylan Thompson realize that if he throws the ball out of bounds, he doesn’t lose any yards?

wamarsh [7:25 PM]:

S Carolina is committed to running the ball, even if they have to run an outside sweep BAH GAWD

David Wunderlich [7:25 PM]:

If you don’t look back, you’re asking for DPI.

Brandon Larrabee [7:22 PM]:

Those last two sentences from Jesse Palmer. So Jesse Palmerian

David Wunderlich [7:20 PM]:

Kenny Hill has 241 passing yards in a quarter and a half. Carolina allowed that many just three times last year.

Brandon Larrabee [7:19 PM]:

Brandon Larrabee [7:18 PM]:

2ND 7:07

wamarsh [7:17 PM]:

That was a helluva throw

wamarsh [7:17 PM]:

Hal Mumme taught tackling fundamentals in fall camp, USC?

David Wunderlich [7:17 PM]:

It’s not tempo, Jesse. It’s time of possession that’s wearing out the D. Can’t get off the field.

Brandon Larrabee [7:16 PM]:

Bad angles, mistackles. yeesh

Jake Nazar [7:16 PM]:

South Carolina doesn’t know what “tackle” means

David Wunderlich [7:16 PM]:

I’m not sure South Carolina practiced tackling in fall camp.

Brandon Larrabee [7:14 PM]:

How many Gamecocks does it take to bring down the runner? Many

David Wunderlich [7:13 PM]:

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky?

wamarsh [7:11 PM]:

I will too

wamarsh [7:11 PM]:

David Wunderlich [7:11 PM]:

David Wunderlich [7:10 PM]:

I’ll take it when I can get it.

David Wunderlich [7:10 PM]:

Brandon Larrabee [7:09 PM]:

2ND 9:47

David Wunderlich [7:09 PM]:

So, uh, maybe A&M should work on covering deep.

Jake Nazar [7:08 PM]:

One particularly rough thing with A&M’s defense is how easy it is to get big plays on them……….and there you go

David Wunderlich [7:07 PM]:

I feel like if Carolina just relaxes and goes simple, there will be guys open like on that play.

wamarsh [7:07 PM]:

The pass is there. A&M is selling out on the run.

wamarsh [7:06 PM]:

@brandon ah, your offense will be fine. See how that Aggie defensive front feels stopping the run in the 3rd and 4th Q. I’d be more worried about keeping it close until then

Brandon Larrabee [7:05 PM]:

@wamarsh I’m more worried about the adjustments Spurrier’s going to make right now

wamarsh [7:05 PM]:

I wonder what tactical adjustments Ward is going to make

David Wunderlich [7:04 PM]:

What I want to know is how many more plays Hill has left to go. Manziel got 17 in the 1H in his first game but then started running all the same plays over again and didn’t score again.

Brandon Larrabee [7:02 PM]:

1ST 11:56

Jake Nazar [7:02 PM]:

A&M’s Secondary is bad. South Carolina’s Secondary is bad. WHO WILL OWN IT?

wamarsh [7:02 PM]:

Hill looked for the fade first but that was defended well. Luckily he has a cornucopia of weapons.

David Wunderlich [7:01 PM]:

The quick slant at the goal line: 65% of the time, it works every time.

Brandon Larrabee [7:01 PM]:

The secondary. It burns my eye balls

Jake Nazar [7:00 PM]:

Hill got pretty lucky there

Brandon Larrabee [7:00 PM]:


David Wunderlich [6:58 PM]:

wamarsh [6:56 PM]:

No doubt. They did a great job. I realize I’m being nit-picky.

groggydog [6:56 PM]:

@wamarsh I don’t mind that so much. I’m just happy they did more pregame and have better in-game stuff. This is why I like CFB.

David Wunderlich [6:55 PM]:

Seals-Jones is problematic for defenses.

wamarsh [6:55 PM]:

@groggydog, ya know, I kinda wish it was more different from ESPN’s graphics.

Brandon Larrabee [6:55 PM]:

@groggydog Yeah. Much better than the SEC Now roll-out

Jake Nazar [6:55 PM]:

Currently watching on an illegal stream because WatchESPN has crashed. Wahoo!

wamarsh [6:55 PM]:

Lorenzo Ward is gonna need some throat lozenges tomorrow morning.

groggydog [6:54 PM]:

I feel like the SEC Network has done a great job with ambiance so far. I realize this is not super technical, but it stands.

Brandon Larrabee [6:53 PM]:

Wide open man in the middle of the field

Brandon Larrabee [6:50 PM]:

File that under “foreseeable problems”

Brandon Larrabee [6:50 PM]:

Brandon Larrabee [6:49 PM]:

@wamarsh Lot of potential. If he can consistently play up to his ability, could be a huge receiver. Wouldn’t say he’s been a disappointment so far, but not been quite as big as expected

wamarsh [6:47 PM]:

Brandon, how do S Carolina fans feel about Shaq Roland?

David Wunderlich [6:47 PM]:

South Carolina kinda telegraphed that the play wasn’t going to be a run by not picking up the towel

Brandon Larrabee [6:46 PM]:

Davis is a lot like a more durable Lattimore: Hard to bring down but not as fragile

wamarsh [6:44 PM]:

Smart play call. Your rookie QB in 3rd and long. Make it easy on him.

Brandon Larrabee [6:44 PM]:

3rd and 16 is not “3rd and California,” Jesse

David Wunderlich [6:44 PM]:

A&M’s O-line has been 90% great and 10% complete breakdown.

David Wunderlich [6:43 PM]:

I am not sure what that play was, but that was not the decision to make by Hill.

Brandon Larrabee [6:43 PM]:

And now the S.C. defensive line shows up

wamarsh [6:43 PM]:

More four man fronts for USC this series.

Brandon Larrabee [6:43 PM]:

Wideouts don’t usually get that open against the prevent defense

wamarsh [6:43 PM]:

Brent, that DB took a terrible angle

wamarsh [6:41 PM]:

Narratives are already being rewritten on Twitter

Brandon Larrabee [6:41 PM]:

1ST 3:44

David Wunderlich [6:41 PM]:

Great focus by Jones on that ball, too. That could’ve been a drop.

David Wunderlich [6:40 PM]:

That’ll get the home crowd back in it.

Brandon Larrabee [6:40 PM]:

That’s what Dylan Thompson can do. Whether he can do it consistently is the key

wamarsh [6:39 PM]:

we know and love

wamarsh [6:39 PM]:

There’s that A&M defense

wamarsh [6:39 PM]:

A&M is selling out on the run

Brandon Larrabee [6:39 PM]:

Here’s the thing for A&M: If they keep pushing S.C. like this, Spurrier is going to start throwing with reckless abandon, which is where A&M wants him to be

Brandon Larrabee [6:38 PM]:

Everyone in the stadium knew that was coming

David Wunderlich [6:38 PM]:

Hey, there’s Mike Davis.

wamarsh [6:36 PM]:

20% away from covering the OVER

wamarsh [6:36 PM]:

5 min left in the 1Q and we are 20

Brandon Larrabee [6:35 PM]:

1ST 5:02

David Wunderlich [6:34 PM]:

That drop bailed out SC.

wamarsh [6:33 PM]:

QB draw here?

wamarsh [6:33 PM]:

Get the stop and run Davis for a 8 min drive. Get that D some rest.

Brandon Larrabee [6:32 PM]:

David Wunderlich [6:32 PM]:

I’ve counted two instances of “SEC conference” from Brent so far. #ATMmachine

wamarsh [6:31 PM]:

This live chat feature is pretty neat

David Wunderlich [6:30 PM]:

Nope just one. They got a first down, but only on a PI penalty.

Brandon Larrabee [6:30 PM]:

@wamarsh No. And I’m not sure that counted as a possession. A PI was the only productive play

wamarsh [6:30 PM]:

I just got in. Has S Carolina had more than one offensive possession yet?

Brandon Larrabee [6:30 PM]:

Open for five yards in every direction

David Wunderlich [6:29 PM]:

We’ve secretly switched South Carolina’s defense with Folgers Crystals. Let’s see if anyone notices.

wamarsh [6:27 PM]:

This Hill guy is looking prettay prettay pretty good

David Wunderlich [6:27 PM]:

Run coverage, but yeah, you nailed it

Brandon Larrabee [6:27 PM]:

Coverage breakdown pending

Brandon Larrabee [6:26 PM]:


wamarsh [6:25 PM]:

What is happening?!?

David Wunderlich [6:24 PM]:

Nice find by Hill on the sideline. Impressive

Brandon Larrabee [6:23 PM]:

Well, that was special by Kenny Hill

David Wunderlich [6:22 PM]:

Spurrier’s SC teams have had some slow starts in years past. He has to hope that’s all this is.

Brandon Larrabee [6:20 PM]:

Defense sputtering and offense struggling to get any consistency — this is pretty much all the worries anyone had about S.C.

David Wunderlich [6:19 PM]:

Both of A&M’s lines are looking good

Brandon Larrabee [6:18 PM]:

“The best offensive line in the country” just got mauled on the run

David Wunderlich [6:17 PM]:

That was clearly a penalty though. Good flag.

Brandon Larrabee [6:17 PM]:

Bailed out by an unnecessary pass interference

Brandon Larrabee [6:15 PM]:

The best offensive line in the country struggles and Dylan Thompson overthrows

David Wunderlich [6:15 PM]:

New QB starter overthrows receiver.

Brandon Larrabee [6:15 PM]:

South Carolina’s secondary was … not impressive

Brandon Larrabee [6:14 PM]:

David Wunderlich [6:14 PM]:

A&M’s O-line was pretty impressive on that drive.

Brandon Larrabee [6:12 PM]:


David Wunderlich [6:11 PM]:

There it is.

Brandon Larrabee [6:10 PM]:

That gives the S.C. defense another opportunity to give up the touchdown

David Wunderlich [6:07 PM]:

This is reminding me some of Manziel’s first game vs. Florida in 2012: keep things basic, put the QB in a place to succeed

Brandon Larrabee [6:06 PM]:

So far, I would say that the concerns about the defense were not overstated

David Wunderlich [6:05 PM]:

New QB starter overthrows receiver. m going to create a keyboard macro for that.

Brandon Larrabee [6:04 PM]:

Well, this could have gone better

David Wunderlich [6:04 PM]:

Kevin Swingpass

David Wunderlich [6:02 PM]:

…and the season begins with the ball getting blown off the tee by the wind. Hopefully it’s not a sign.

Brandon Larrabee [6:01 PM]:


Brandon Larrabee [6:00 PM]:

Mike Leach once said Williams-Brice was not the loudest stadium in college football, but one end of it was the loudest place in college football

David Wunderlich [5:59 PM]:

I just hope your TV remote makes it through the night in one piece.

Brandon Larrabee [5:58 PM]:

I save aneurysms for mistakes. Just lightheaded right now

David Wunderlich [5:57 PM]:

So Brandon, as the resident Gamecock, are you 50% of the way to an aneurysm or 90%?

Brandon Larrabee [5:57 PM]:

Brandon Larrabee [5:55 PM]:


David Wunderlich [5:55 PM]:

Oh man, it’s been too long, football. Welcome back.