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Where the Coaches' Poll and Consensus Differ

Let's see which teams are controversial.

Rob Carr

The Coaches' Poll is out, and it largely doesn't differ much from the preseason consensus from preview magazines and websites. Only eight teams in the top 25 of the preseason consensus are more then two spots different than where they are in the Coaches' Poll. Let's take a look at them:

Marshall: 25 in consensus, 37 in Coaches' Poll (-12 spots)

The Thundering Herd has a historically weak schedule this year, and that's not hyperbole. The consensus might be projecting a won-loss record with the coaches more voting on quality.

Arizona State: 24 in consensus, 18 in Coaches (+6)

It's the Todd Graham Rorschach test! What do you see in Tempe?

Florida: 22 in consensus, 27 in Coaches (-5)

There's all that talent and a great defense, but 4-8 just happened. Disagreement on teams like this is to be expected.

Georgia: 7 in consensus, 12 in Coaches (-5)

Coaches go off of conventional wisdom more than anything, and conventional wisdom says losing a four-year starting quarterback is a bad thing. The preview writers look at more than one position.

Texas: 19 in consensus, 24 in Coaches (-5)

The magazines and previews went to print before Charlie Strong kicked half of his players off of the team.

Texas A&M: 25 in consensus, 20 in Coaches (+5)

Kevin Sumlin is a coach's coach, so it's no surprise they like him.

Washington: 22 in consensus, 25 in Coaches (-3)

Is this more about Chris Petersen stepping up to the big leagues or pessimism around what Sark left behind?

UCF: 25 in consensus, 28 in Coaches (-3)

When a non-Power 5 team loses a quarterback to the top of the NFL Draft, conventional wisdom is going to frown on it more than deep analysis might.

Ranks past 25 in the Coaches' Poll come from the order of the Also Receiving Votes section.