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Our Long National Texas A&M Nightmare Is Over

There's a settlement in the 12th man case, as we continue to move closer to the beginning of actual football being played

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the story about how Texas A&M was threatening to sue a double-amputee cancer survivor (for completely legitimate reasons)? Well, that appears to be over now, with Fox Sports' Kristi Dosh reporting that the two sides have settled their differences over the use of the phrase "12th man." (HT: Good Bull Hunting)

The two even issued a joint press release announcing the deal, Dosh reports, with happy quotes from the double-amputee cancer survivor. Don't mind that they kind of undermine the whole BIG, BAD TEXAS A&M narrative.

We're really pleased with the way the university handled the dispute and we fully recognize Texas A&M is the owner of the "12th Man" trademark. We've already started operations under Bills Fan Thunder and will continue our fight to keep the Bills franchise in Buffalo.

Now, perhaps we can move on to talking about something else. Like there being less than a month until college football season begins. What is this you're saying about squirrels?