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College Football Odds: Bovada Releases SEC Title, Division Favorites

Guess who has better than 1/1 odds to win the SEC West. No, really, guess

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The online sports book Bovada has issued a fresh set of odds for teams to win the SEC and each division. For entertainment purposes only, of course, let's take a look at them.

Odds to win SEC Odds to win division
Alabama 7/5 5/7
Auburn 5/1 4/1
South Carolina 5/1 8/5
Georgia 6/1 8/5
LSU 13/2 5/1
Florida 12/1 13/4
Ole Miss 14/1 9/1
Texas A&M 25/1 14/1
Mississippi State 40/1 16/1
Missouri 40/1 10/1
Tennessee 50/1 14/1
Arkansas 100/1 33/1
Kentucky 200/1 50/1
Vanderbilt 200/1 50/1

Assorted thought-like bullet points:

  • The order of the SEC overall (and the divisions in general) isn't too much of a surprise. It's interesting that South Carolina is given a slightly better chance of winning the conference than Georgia but the same odds of winning the division. If you were looking to get some value on a pro-Florida bet, it looks like that's not going to happen here; the gambling perception of the Gators as a bounce-back (but not all the way back) team appears to have caught up with the more rabid football crowd.
  • That said, Tennessee as just a 14/1 to win the SEC East is a little bit strong in my eyes. It's not impossible if a lot of things click at the same time, but again: This is a team that is trying to replace its offensive and defensive line in full. The 50/1 with the SEC seems about right, but the 14/1 on the division seems a touch confident.
  • I think it's not surprise that I'm higher on Mississippi State than a lot of people, so I'd probably put them ahead of Texas A&M and Ole Miss. But I'm not terribly surprised that it's going the other way.