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Jimbo Fisher Makes Most Dominantly Absurd Statement About Conference Strength

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's not quite the big shindig that SEC Media Days has turned into -- love you, ESPN! -- but the ACC is currently having its annual press confab. Let's check in and see what national championship-winning coach Jimbo Fisher is saying.

Now, it's not clear from that tweet whether Fisher was talking about football or basketball or perhaps beach volleyball, so there's a chance that I'm reading this entirely wrong here. But it appears that Jimbo Fisher is saying that the ACC in 2013 was the most dominant conference in the history of college football. No, stop laughing. This was a serious statement. Or as serious a statement as anyone can make while trying to talk up the ACC.

How well did this extremely dominant league do in bowl games following the 2013-14 season? They were 5-6. If you remove Miami's loss to Louisville -- a team that is joining the ACC this year -- the conference went 5-5 in bowl season. That includes Boston College getting sledgehammered by Arizona and Maryland losing to Marshall. There's certainly nothing to be ashamed of in a .500 postseason record with a couple of bad losses; happens to many conferences every year. But when you're talking about the most dominant league ever, it's a stretch.

The reason for the talk is pretty transparent: We're going into the first season with a college football playoff. Somebody's conference champion is going to be left out, and boosting your league's reputation might be the best way to make sure it's not you. The ACC has some very good teams, but there are a lot of different conferences from a lot of different years that were far more dominant than the ACC in 2013. Let's keep it reasonable here.