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SEC Media Days 2014: Day 4 Schedule

Down the home stretch we come, folks.


SEC Media Days wraps today with a scintillating lineup of speakers. And by "scintillating", I mean only one will actually seem happy to be there. Way to set the lineup, guys!

10:00 am ET: Mark Richt

Mark Richt is a very nice man. He is always respectful. He won't stare death lasers at reporters. He will probably try to take some time to talk about his new Paul Oliver Network initiative, which is great because it sounds like a wonderful thing.

What he won't do is toss witty one-liners. Or go on extended digressions about the history of the region. Or make broad philosophical arguments about how strategy and safety interact. Or provide anything that resembles bulletin board material. He'll put in his time, answering any reasonable questions politely with a smile, and leave.

The players Richt brought along with him are Todd Gurley, Chris Conley, and Ramik Wilson.

11:30 am ET: Hugh Freeze

Here, my friends, is the high point of the day. If you've never heard Freeze work a media room like this, you're in for a treat. He's a high energy guy, and he's going to get himself worked up about one thing or another.

When that happens he's no longer Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss head football coach. He becomes the Reverend Hugh Freeze, leading a revival and preaching the gospel of Ole Miss football. This is not a joke: he uses the same cadence and inflection as a good Southern preacher does. Hallelujah, it's not a boring coach!

The players Freeze brought along with him are Bo Wallace, C.J. Johnson, and Cody Prewitt.

1:10 pm ET: Nick Saban

They pretty much have to put Darth Saban after lunch because of the madhouse that the place turns into. The adoring masses come to greet him and create large crowds around him wherever he goes, and the fan reaction to him is pretty nuts as well.

The Bingo sheet for his press conference is pretty standard: aight, Process, feigning ignorance to shut down a line of questioning, tearing the head off of whichever poor rookie reporter asks him about a depth chart, etc. We can add Finebaum's $100 million from Texas story to the list too. There will be insight, death stares, and more humor than you'd expect. It's the perfect way to cap off the event.

The players Saban brought with him are Amari Cooper, Christion Jones, and Landon Collins.

2:40 pm ET: Mark Stoops

Oh, right.

This is basically just going to be the Kentucky beat writers, bloggers who don't attend any other press events, and the iron man of SEC Media Days, Bob Holt of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The players Stoops brought with him are Bud Dupree, Jordan Swindle, and Za'Darius Smith.