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CB Shelby Osborne to Become College Football's First Female Non-Kicker

She'll be playing for Campbellsville University.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

CB Shelby Osborne made history yesterday:

She will become the first female college football player who isn't a kicking specialist. Campbellsville is an NAIA school in Kentucky.

Osborne's story is a good one, going from someone who didn't like football at all to a player in high school. She marketed herself to a number of schools before Campbellsville decided to bring her on. She hasn't played a down yet on the collegiate level, obviously, but it's still a notable barrier she's breaking. Not to take anything away from kickers, but Osborne will be lining up out there playing coverages and delivering hits. It breaks down old stereotypes to have her out there doing that. I don't think we'll see any other non-kicker female players above the NAIA level (maybe D-III, maybe), but it's a really cool story nonetheless.

Katie Hnida was the first female Division I player, an experience that did not end well at Colorado. Two years ago, LSU goalie Mo Isom tried out for the team as a kicker but did not get a roster spot.