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Alabama Committee Approves New Contract for Nick Saban. It's Rather Large

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Nick Saban is already a fabulously wealthy man who makes millions of dollars for coaching football. Nothing wrong with that -- capitalism and all, and your school would pay him just as much as Alabama does if it had the chance and the ability.

That said, Nick Saban is about to get even more ridiculously wealthy, now that a committee of the school's board of trustees has approved a contract that would pay him $6.9 million a year. (That's $104,545.45 per year per inch for the 5-foot-6 head coach.) But don't worry, Alabama fans; the buyout is a steal.

If Alabama terminates Saban without cause prior to the end of the contract, it would owe him no more than just under $23.3 million.

"No more." I'm assuming that indicates that the buyout would go down in future years, and not trying to paint as a bargain the idea of paying someone almost $25 million not to coach football. Of course, the likelihood of Nick Saban ever being fired is relatively small, so it's not like Alabama's thinking about paying that amount.

Oh, and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is scheduled to make more than $2 million over the next three years. Perhaps it's time to change my nickname for the former Tennessee head coach to Golden Boy Wonder.