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Johnny Manziel Already Owns 'The House that Johnny Built'

Scott Halleran

You might have heard about how a Texas A&M regent wants to change the name of Kyle Field to "Kyle Field: The House that Johnny Built." The idea is absurd for too many reasons to list here, among them being the idea of Brent Musburger saying, "You are looking live at Kyle Field: The House that Johnny Built" during an SEC Network broadcast.

A contributor at Good Bull Hunting, the Texas A&M blog on SB Nation, has found one more:

When looking through patents filed by JMAN2 Enterprises -- the company formed to protect and license the "Johnny Football" nickname -- they also filed for "The House That Johnny Built" Trademark on January 29th, 2014.

It seems that Uncle Nate thought of everything. In any case, anything that keeps this idea from becoming a reality is a positive.