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Florida, Kentucky Favored to Meet in Championship Game

Vegas expects to see a fourth meeting between the two teams.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days ago, the point spreads for the Final Four came out. Vegas likes Florida over UConn by seven and Kentucky over Wisconsin by two.

If those spreads end up being correct, it will give us an all-SEC championship game. Given the way the season went, I don't think anyone would have expected that result. It would be the first time since 1988 that both title game teams came from the same conference, when Kansas and Oklahoma met from the Big Eight (ask your parents, kids).

Given that Florida has already defeated Kentucky three times this season, I suspect a UF-UK matchup will trigger a lot of large, fundamental talk about postseasons. It will be things along the lines of, "if Kentucky wins, it'll be 1-3 against Florida but how does it make sense that this one overrides the others and makes the Wildcats the champions?" There is a very simple answer to that argument—sports are inherently arbitrary, and the stakes for any given game are whatever we all decide on ahead of time—but that won't stop sportswriters from trying to prove they're philosophers or something.

The last time we had an all-SEC national title game of some sort, college football decided to adopt a playoff system in response. We'll just have to see if college basketball begins looking into bowl games should this one come to pass.