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Join the TSK Bracket Contest

Think you're the best bracketeer in the league? Prove it!

J. Meric

With Selection Sunday now in the rear view mirror, it's time to get the annual bracket contest going. As usual, we're doing our contest over at Yahoo! Sports. The group ID is 161243, and the password is secspeed.

While there is the Billion Dollar Bracket prize over at Yahoo!, let's face it: you're not going to pick a perfect bracket. So instead of just having to hope for that, you can win a TSK T-shirt instead courtesy of Gameday Depot!

The deal is pretty simple: you have to fill out an entry at Yahoo! and put it in the group. Then, you must register for the Gameday Depot prize at Facebook here. Why double registration? To make sure no one tries to win a shirt from multiple sites. Many SBN blogs are doing these, so we want to keep things fair. The official rules are here; no purchase necessary.

Good luck to all!