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SEC Selection Sunday Guide

Here is what to expect when the committee's choices go live tonight.


It's Selection Sunday, and in the SEC, it's relatively drama-free. The conference is almost certainly going to get three bids.

Florida is obviously going to get one, and it's going to be the top seed in the South region. The only real intrigue with the Gators is whether they'll officially get the No. 1 overall seed designation. Arizona might have lost its chance at it with its loss to UCLA in the Pac-12 Tournament, but it's still in the running. The committee also might give it to undefeated Wichita State. Ultimately, it doesn't matter much. The Gators are set.

Kentucky will be somewhere in the middle of the bracket. The consensus seems to be that the Wildcats will be somewhere in the 6-seed to 8-seed range. The committee will try to avoid putting UK in the same regional as Florida, so the South region with its final in Memphis is out. The next most friendly landing place would be the Midwest region, as its final is in Indianapolis.

Of course, that could be getting ahead of ourselves. If UK doesn't end up in its high range end of a 6-seed, it'll have to play a 2-seed or a 1-seed just to get past the first weekend. The only game today that involves a team around UK's range is the A 10 final, with VCU taking on St. Joseph's. The Wildcats should root for St. Joe's to upset the Rams, but ultimately, the bracket is probably pretty well set at this point.

Even beating Florida in the SEC Tournament final probably won't move them much simply because the end of the game comes so close to the bracket's unveiling. The committee doesn't have time to hash a lot of things out once the later games go final. Even building contingencies in the middle for UK and VCU would require four different scenarios based on what combination of win and loss those two pull off today.

Tennessee seems to engender the most disagreement among bracketologists. As of this morning, eight of the 99 projections tracked at Bracket Matrix still have the Vols out of the tournament while one has the Vols as an 8-seed and eight more have them as a 9-seed. The majority of them peg UT somewhere in the 10-seed to 12-seed range.

The biggest thing for the Vols is avoiding a First Four game in Dayton. While VCU showed in 2011 that such games are not a curse, it's best to avoid them anyway. Nothing is worse than getting an NCAA Tournament bid only to end up losing on Tuesday and not feeling like you actually participated in the tournament.

SBN's bracket guru Chris Dobbertean has UT slotted as a 10-seed in the East with a first weekend in Buffalo, which could easily be worse. Beggars can't be choosers, but not having to play opening rounds in Spokane or possibly have to go out to California is a good outcome for the team.

Arkansas and Missouri are the only other SEC teams with any kind of chance at hearing their names called this evening. It's incredibly unlikely, as only four of 99 at Bracket Matrix have the Hogs in and just two of 99 have Mizzou in, but stranger things have happened on Selection Sunday.

The selection show starts at 6:00 pm ET.