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2014 SEC Tournament Day 2 Schedule

We've got four good ones on the slate for today.

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2014 SEC Tournament Day 2 Schedule

Last night, both lower seeds won their games. They don't exactly count as big upsets, but could it portend some wackiness today?

9 Texas A&M vs. 8 Missouri, 1:00 pm ET, ESPN3

Regular season: 3/5: Missouri 57, Texas A&M 56

The stakes of this one are pretty simple, really. A&M isn't really in serious postseason contention, so Billy Kennedy's bunch is playing for pride and a job well done. Missouri is essentially jockeying for seeding in the NIT with this game, as only upsetting Florida tomorrow would actually put the Tigers in the March Madness discussion for real. As that's not likely to happen, it's more the NIT thing.

A&M has won just one of its 12 games away from home, while Mizzou is 6-8 away from home.

13 South Carolina vs. 5 Arkansas, 3:30 pm ET, ESPN3

Regular season: 2/19: Arkansas 71, South Carolina 64

Despite not being very good, this South Carolina team has shown some real fight from time to time. The Gamecocks singed the nets from deep last night, going 11-15 from three in their win against Auburn. They'll need similar firepower to take out high powered Arkansas this afternoon. If the Razorbacks are in March Madness, it's by a razor-thin margin. They simply cannot afford to take on another bad loss here.

South Carolina is 4-12 away from home including last night's win, and Arkansas is 5-8 away from home.

10 Alabama vs. 7 LSU, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN3

Regular season: 1/25: Alabama 82, LSU 80

This isn't Nick Saban vs. Les Miles, that's for sure. Alabama had a really disappointing season, slumping below .500 both overall and in league play. It probably won't be firing head coach Anthony Grant from the team hotel as its cross-state rival did, but Grant can't be sleeping all that well right now either. LSU, meanwhile, showed some improvement this season even if the team's record doesn't really reflect it. The winner of this one gets Kentucky, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you're feeling about Cal's bunch right now.

Alabama is 0-14 away from home this year, while LSU is 5-8 away from home.

14 Mississippi State vs. 6 Ole Miss, 9:30 pm ET, ESPN3

Regular season: 1/11: MSU 76, Ole Miss 72; 1/25: Ole Miss 82, MSU 63

Last night's win for State was a big surprise, as it snapped a 13-game losing streak for the Bulldogs. In that span they lost about every way you can lose, from high scoring (e.g. a 92-82 loss to Auburn) to low scoring (e.g. a 66-45 loss to Georgia). MSU really was bad, compiling just three regular season wins in one of the weakest SEC editions we've seen. Of course one of those three came against Ole Miss, a team that was all over the map this year. It comes into this one with just three wins in its last 10. After a triumphant SEC Tournament win a year ago, Ole Miss would probably head back to Oxford just satisfied not to blow this one.

Mississippi State is 3-11 away from home including last night's win, and Ole Miss is 6-8 away from home.