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Ron Zook Might Return to Coaching at Louisville

The excitable former Florida head coach might be jumping back into coaching with the guy who almost replaced him.

Jonathan Daniel

This afternoon, word bubbled up from a few places that one Ron Zook might be returning to coaching:

Zook has been out of coaching since being fired late in 2011 as the head coach at Illinois, but he rather famously replaced Steve Spurrier as head coach at Florida for three memorable years.

It would be notable for him to join up on Bobby Petrino's staff, given that Petrino was reportedly Florida's backup to replace Zook had Urban Meyer gone to Notre Dame instead of Gainesville. Petrino is not really known to be a big recruiter—and the generally shabby shape of the rosters he leaves behind him are circumstantial evidence to support that reputation—so hiring Zook as the staff's ace recruiter would be a big boost to the program there.

We'll see if Zook signs up or remains an analyst for CBS Sports Network, but the game just hasn't been the same without him. Maybe Petrino will set up Louisville as a place for former SEC coaches. If so, I think I know who's next.