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SEC Basketball Wednesday: According to Script

It was an unusual night of SEC hoops in that it was completely orderly.


If there's one thing this season of SEC basketball has been, it's chaotic. Just when you think you have a handle on the conference, 10 of the 14 teams will do something to wreck your vision. Unless you just take a giant "WELP" stamp to everyone's foreheads, that is.

Last night was a fairly uneventful night by recent standards. The teams that were supposed to win actually did win. Ole Miss shook off its back-to-back losses from last week and beat Alabama 79-67. Tennessee knocked off Mississippi State on the road 75-68. LSU demolished Texas A&M 68-49. Auburn even enforced the weak hierarchy at the bottom by beating South Carolina 83-67.

You could nitpick these results if you really want to. Maybe Tennessee should have beaten the dreadful Bulldogs by more, and Marshall Henderson shot a bad percentage even by his own standards. Whatever. The real problems aren't from last night. It's pointing out that the A&M team that LSU so rudely dismissed had just defeated Tennessee. The Alabama team that Ole Miss had little trouble with had just beaten Missouri. One orderly night of hoops doesn't make up for four months of utter nonsense.

In fact, the most interesting thing might have happened off the court in the Auburn game. Ted Valentine decided to eject a fan for asking for more calls. Yes, TV Teddy decided to toss a guy from a historically small Auburn crowd just for completely normal fan behavior. The best part is at the end:

Though he was formally ejected by Valentine on the court, Hardin continued watching the game from section 118 of the Auburn Arena.

"He thinks I left, so that’s good enough," Hardin said.

Way to stick it to the man.