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College Football Rankings: Mississippi St. Still No. 1 as Auburn Falls in the Polls

It was a relatively placid week across the Top 25, especially in the SEC, though Auburn's loss against Texas A&M means the Tigers tumble

Stacy Revere

With only one truly surprising result in the SEC -- and not much more chaos taking place in the other major games on Saturday -- there wasn't much shuffling in this week in the rankings. And that likely points to a relatively quiet week when the playoff rankings come out on Tuesday. Let's take a look at where things stand.

AP Coaches
1 Mississippi State (48) Mississippi State (41)
2 Florida State (12) Florida State (20)
3 Oregon Alabama
4 Alabama Oregon (1)
6 Baylor Baylor
7 Arizona State Ohio State
8 Ohio State Arizona State
9 Auburn Auburn
10 Ole Miss Ole Miss
11 Nebraska Nebraska
12 Michigan State Michigan State
13 Kansas State Kansas State
14 UCLA Georgia
15 Notre Dame UCLA
16 Georgia Notre Dame
17 Arizona Clemson
18 Clemson Arizona
19 Duke Duke
21 Marshall Marshall
22 Wisconsin Wisconsin
23 Colorado State Georgia Tech
24 Georgia Tech Oklahoma
25 Utah Colorado State
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Mississippi State nets three first-place votes against Florida State in the AP poll, becoming even more entrenched in the top spot, while the Seminoles lose a first-place vote in the coaches poll to both Mississippi State and -- Oregon, because reasons. Auburn, meanwhile, drops from No. 3 to No. 9 in both surveys. Alabama moves up a spot in the coaches poll and stays put in the AP.

TCU moves into the Top 5, trailed by Baylor, which climbs up from No. 10 in both polls to be one place behind a team it beat earlier this year. Pollsters! Then it's Ohio State and Arizona State in some order before Auburn and Ole Miss round out your new Top 10. That puts the SEC West back at four teams, or more than half the division, in roughly the top 8 percent of college football. I believe that's what the kids like to call "good" nowadays.

There's actually a pretty remarkable amount of harmony in the polls this week, with Georgia being one of the most variable teams -- up one spot to No. 16 in the AP poll and three spots to No. 14 in the coaches poll. Neither thing gives me an incredible amount of heartburn, given that Georgia (a) blew out Kentucky but (b) blew out Kentucky. LSU, which was ranked 10 (AP) or 11 (coaches) spots behind Alabama last week, took the Tide to overtime and fell six (AP) or five (coaches) spots this week. Because the second law of poll dynamics is that when a team loses, it must fall in the polls, regardless of the manner of the loss or the opponent. Elsewhere, the biggest fall belongs to Oklahoma -- which would be running away with the title of most overrated team in the preseason were it not for South Carolina.

Missouri and Texas A&M are also receiving votes in both polls.