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Topics for Discussion: Who You Got in the West? How Does the East Work?

The divisions appear plenty unsettled after the first Saturday of November. Plus: can Ole Miss recover? Did Will Muschamp save his job? And what happened to the Gamecocks?

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Who is your favorite in the West? Mississippi State still controls things as the sole undefeated team, but the Bulldogs couldn't put away Arkansas until the clock read 0:15 in the fourth quarter. Auburn got a boost by defeating Ole Miss, but with games against Georgia and Alabama to go, it may not win another SEC contest. Ole Miss is reeling, but it's not eliminated yet. Oh yeah, and Alabama is lurking but still must go through LSU, Mississippi State, and Auburn down the stretch. And speaking of LSU, those Tigers aren't out of the race yet either. It's going to be a brutal last month as these team battle it out. Go on the record now: who you got?

Who is your favorite in the East? A week ago, it was looking like the East division would basically come down to whether Georgia would defeat Auburn. If so, then UGA takes it; if not, then Missouri probably does. But now? It's back to being a huge mess. A four-way tie at 4-4 is on the table, with—believe it—Kentucky being one of the ones tied for the division before the tiebreaker applies. Do you believe in Georgia? Is Saturday's performance proof that Bad Maty Mauk is gone? Could Florida gut it out? Who you got?

Can Ole Miss recover from this? Poor Ole Miss. Poor, poor Ole Miss:

It's hard to think of a more complete gut punch of a loss than what the Rebels suffered Saturday night. Where do they go from here? They've got a I-AA team and a bye to recover before finishing out the season at Arkansas and at home for the Egg Bowl. Can they get up off the mat in time to stay in the race should things fall apart around them? Or should we stick a fork in a beat up and now beat down team that probably was a year early in its jump to success?

Is this no longer the end of the Muschamp era? After the terrible loss to Missouri, Will Muschamp was looking more fired than ever. So, of course, he went out this weekend and took his first win over key rival Georgia. It may not be in his control, but winning the East is back on the table. Even without a division crown, would 5-3 in conference play with wins over Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina be enough to save his job? Or is the fact that he didn't run the offense that destroyed the Bulldogs until just now more proof of questionable coaching acumen? Are you still giving him a pink slip?

What do you make of South Carolina? A preseason top ten team is now in serious danger of missing the postseason. The Gamecocks will beat South Alabama, but they'll also have to defeat either resurgent Florida or currently-ranked Clemson in order to get their sixth win. After losing so many good players, the team was bound to be down to some degree. No one saw the complete collapse of the defense, though, or a big struggle just to make the postseason. Has Steve Spurrier's window slammed shut, or do you see this as a one-year blip?