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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 12: Nothing Makes Sense Any More

Reasons? Look at the season so far and tell me that you can make any sense of this madness

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
Is Nick Saban really the only coach in the SEC West who knows how to properly manage the clock late in the game?

2. Mississippi State
Considered keeping them at No. 1 for about three minutes and three seconds.

3. Ole Miss
The Rebels won't have played an FBS football team in three weeks by the time they take on Arkansas. Hope they're ready for what promises to be a physical game.

4. Georgia
HOW DID THIS TEAM LOSE TO SOUTH CAROLINA AND FLORIDA? Will someone please explain this to me? It's one of the mysteries of the universe, like what happens to matter that gets sucked into a black hole and how Scot Loeffler remains gainfully employed.

5. Auburn
It takes a lot of crazy Hail Marys to come back from a 34-7 deficit.

6. Arkansas
Bret Bielema will never shave. Seriously -- the only really bad loss this team has was the first-week defeat at Auburn, and they kept that close until halftime. This is going to be a dangerous team in 2015.

7. Missouri
Gary Pinkel is still going to find some way to beat Tennessee and Arkansas and win the SEC East, because life seems to have fun kicking Mark Richt in the face.

8. LSU
The good news: When you lose 17-0, it can't be blamed on your clock management.

9. Texas A&M
You'll always have September, and they can never take that away from you. Unless you were cheating, which is entirely possible given the way the team has performed since then.

10. Tennessee
In a more tame year, this would be one of the more confusing teams in the SEC East. As it is now, they're merely another quizzical example of a quizzical division.

11. South Carolina
For their next trick, the Gamecocks will lose to South Alabama before beating Clemson by 50 to secure bowl eligibility.

12. Florida
I'm actually not as critical as Year2 of the run-heavy game plan that Florida used; it was a percentage play against a Gamecock defense that has gotten manhandled by opponents' running games all year. The problem was going with a percentage play in the game that Steve Spurrier most cares about winning every year (sorry, Georgia fans).

13. Kentucky
Trending up early in the year, trending down now.

14. Vanderbilt
Two more games, guys. You're almost there.