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A.J. Johnson, Michael Williams Suspended Amid Reports on Rape Investigation

After two Tennessee defensive players are named by local media as suspects in the investigation, the program suspends them

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's still not iron-clad proof that A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams are the two players involved in the investigation into an alleged rape in Knoxville, but this is as close to a confirmation that we're likely to get. In fact, it would be an enormous coincidence if the two events aren't linked.

Good for Tennessee. We don't know how quickly the investigation is unfolding here or what it's found, so this might not be quite as forward-leaning as it seems -- but right now, it marks a refreshing contrast to how some other schools have handled reports of this nature. As Rocky Top Talk puts it:

[H]andling assault cases the right way is more important than winning football games. Butch Jones and the Tennessee administration are sending the right message to its players and fans by acting quickly and taking this very seriously.

The football fallout, of course, could be realized soon enough. Tennessee plays the SEC East-leading Missouri Tigers in Knoxville this weekend.