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Odds on the Next Head Coach of Florida Issued by Bovada

Most of the names on this list are probably not even going to be seriously considered

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Because we are a nation hat apparently has more than our fair share of degenerate gamblers, Bovada is setting odds on who's going to be the next Florida head coach. Some of these are intriguing choices, and some of them are obviously intended simply to take your money if you have nothing better to do with it.

Coach Current Job Odds
Mike Gundy Oklahoma State 4:1
Jim McElwain Colorado State 9:2
Bob Stoops Oklahoma 11:2
Dan Mullen Mississippi State 11:2
Rich Rodriguez Arizona 7:1
Mike Shanahan Nope 7:1
Steve Spurrier South Carolina 8:1
Hugh Freeze Ole Miss 8:1
Gary Patterson TCU 12:1
Gus Malzahn Auburn 12:1

We've already knocked down (in some cases more than once) a lot of these coaches. Jim McElwain, Bob Stoops, Mike Shanahan, Steve Spurrier and Gary Patterson are all over 50 years old, as is Rich Rodriguez. Gundy is close and Malzahn is even closer -- though I think that Gundy's name is a really interesting name to keep an eye on. Barring a massive contract offer that Auburn stupidly decides not to match, I don't see Malzahn happening. Hugh Freeze is slightly more likely to leave, but I still think that's a pretty long shot. And of course there's Dan Mullen.

None of this is meant to be taken as gambling advice, seeing as how there are smarter things to do with your money than bet on a coaching search -- like lighting it on fire and throwing it on a pile of pine needles outside your home. But this will give you an idea of the names that are currently churning through the rumor mill.