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Ole Miss to Play Florida State in College Football's Worst Neutral Stadium

Doug Pensinger

If you have to ask how I feel about the Citrus Bowl, you haven't been reading this blog for very long. From the Interstate, it looks like a Soviet-era stadium in a war torn country -- and to jumble historical metaphors, there was the time the turf resembled no man's land between two World War I trenches.

But they're "reconstructing" the monstrosity, which in 2016 will reportedly host a game between Ole Miss and Florida State. Don't expect Ole Miss to get as much credit as they should for this game, given that they're not traveling outside of the Southeast to take on the Seminoles, as if playing FSU in New Zealand would somehow make the game worse for the Rebels. It is, though, still a high-profile game that could have national implications if Ole Miss continues its upward trajectory under Hugh Freeze.

And it could also have some recruiting benefits for the Rebels, given all the talent that comes out of Florida and the fact that Ole Miss' travels to Gainesville will be curtailed as long as the SEC clings to the eight-game schedule. (This will also fill one of the Rebels' spots for the Power 5 non-conference requirement the SEC now has.) One game might not draw that many Sunshine State players to Oxford -- but it can't hurt.