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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 11: Things Settle Down

It's still Mississippi State at No. 1 and Vanderbilt in last, but it's getting a bit easier to figure out the middle of the ballot

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

1. Mississippi State
It's still kind of weird to realize that there will be No. 1 team playing in Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday -- and it will be Mississippi State.

2. Alabama
Now, you've beaten a team that Ole Miss lost to. Up you go.

3. Auburn
You're not to supposed to actually let Texas A&M win the games when they jump out to a big lead, guys. Sheesh.

4. Ole Miss
Seeing what it was like to win again after that losing streak must have been a rebelation, right? I'll show myself out.

5. LSU
Coach Cameron -- can I call you Cam? Cam, Anthony Jennings was 8-of-22 passing headed into overtime. You were in four-down territory until scoring a touchdown, given that Alabama scored a touchdown on its drive. Your ground game was only averaging about 3.3 yards a carry, but 3.3 * 4 = 13.2, which is greater than 10. So, pardon the question, but WHY IN BLUE BLAZES DID YOU THROW THE BALL FOUR TIMES? AND AT LEAST TWICE ON INTENDED SHOTS TO THE END ZONE?!? I mean, the only options I can come up with are incompetence, stupidity or the use of copious amounts of controlled substances. And two of those are grounds for being fired. (This being Louisiana, the third is probably grounds for a promotion.)

6. Georgia
If Missouri ends up winning the division, every SEC East contender is going to spend all of next year trying to lose to each other, seeing as how that seems to be the way to get to Atlanta.

7. Texas A&M
Up next? The final edition of Missouri as an annual game, played the way it's always been played: in College Station.

8. Missouri
At some point, you just have to acknowledge the fact that they're winning. There are weeks when I have no idea how they do it, but they win.

9. Florida
Mark it down: Will Muschamp is going to win the SEC East, and the only fan base that won't be happy with that news will be the one in Gainesville.

10. Arkansas
For those of you wondering how a midtier SEC East team would fare in the SEC West, I give you Arkansas.

11. Tennessee
A 3-5 SEC record and a trip to a bowl game would be a pretty solid season for Butch Jones' rebuilding process.

12. Kentucky
Hello? Kentucky fans? You know, you still have a chance to go to a bowl. It's not time to focus entirely on basketball yet.

13. South Carolina
A few plays away from being 8-1, a few plays away from being 2-7. Only 95 days until baseball season begins.

14. Vanderbilt
Thank you for contributing to the cause of trying to keep Comrade Muschamp around for another season. Not that you likely had any choice in the matter.