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The SEC East Armageddon Scenario

You want to get crazy? Let's get crazy.

Mike Ehrmann

It was fun while it lasted, but Tennessee's 45-42 overtime win over South Carolina ruined this. -Ed.

This could be a bit premature with a South Carolina win over Tennessee still very much in doubt as I type this, but it is possible for the SEC East division to hit a seriously crazy Armageddon scenario with a five-way tie for first. Let's break it down and embrace the chaos.

Here are the things that would need to happen. Some of them are unlikely. We don't care right now.

  • Florida loses to South Carolina but beats Vanderbilt
  • Georgia loses to both Kentucky and Auburn
  • Kentucky beats Georgia and Tennessee
  • Missouri loses out to Tennessee, Texas A&M and Arkansas
  • South Carolina beats Tennessee and Florida

I will also give UT a win over Vandy because VU is really bad. If all of this happens, then we get the following as the standings:

Team SEC Record
Florida 4-4
Georgia 4-4
Kentucky 4-4
Missouri 4-4
South Carolina 4-4
Tennessee 2-6
Vanderbilt 0-8

Hooray! It's a five-way tie for first place (with teams listed alphabetically, of course). Let's run down the SEC divisional tiebreaker, shall we?

Three-Team Tie (or more): If three teams (or more) are tied for a division title, the following procedure will be used in the following order: (Note: If one of the procedures results in one team being eliminated and two remaining, the two-team tiebreaker procedure as stated in No. 1 above will be used):

A. Combined head to head record among the tied teams;

Unfortunately, we only need one round of tiebreakers to sort this out. Georgia would be 1-3 against the others. Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina would be 2-2 agains the others. Missouri would be 3-1, however, meaning the Tigers would take the division.

The final step of the East tiebreaker is a coin flip. It's not possible with the five-way tie, unfortunately, because a five-way coin flip would be epic. Alas.

*Note: this has been heavily edited from its original form due to me overlooking the fact that Georgia beat Arkansas. I have no excuse other than the delirium caused by Florida inexplicably beating Georgia.