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Texas A&M Announces Kenny Hill Suspension

Well, this was unexpected.

Kevin C. Cox

Earlier in the week, Texas A&M announced that Kyle Allen would get the start today and that there was no plan to rotate him with deposed starter Kenny Hill. Well, the plot thickened this morning:

The obvious question would then be whether A&M knew of this violation of rules when it named Allen the starter over Hill, but I doubt we'll ever hear the school go on record about that. It hasn't leaked yet what Hill did to earn this suspension, if it ever will, but it suddenly heightens the importance of today's action against UL-Monroe.

Today's work for Allen not just Kevin Sumlin breaking him easy in a game against a Sun Belt cupcake—it's also his only round of real game reps before traveling to Auburn next week on November 8.


OC Jake Spatial went on record in saying that Allen beat out Hill and didn't start due to the suspension.