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And Another: The Allegations Against Lloyd Tubman, Kentucky Player Suspended After Rape Accusation

Here's hoping that we won't have any more of these cases for a while

UK Coach Mark Stoops suspended Tubman following the allegations
UK Coach Mark Stoops suspended Tubman following the allegations
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We missed this yesterday, but yet another SEC player stands accused of a sex crime -- rape -- this one from Kentucky. Lloyd Tubman, who hasn't played and is expected to redshirt, allegedly assault his former girlfriend on Thursday. The arrest warrant has been released, and a warning that it is disturbing comes before this link to the story in The Courier-Journal.

I don't want to call it good news, but once again campus police appeared to start an investigation quickly. Or relatively quickly; it still took about five hours from the arrival of police to the examination of the victim.

A sexual assault examination was completed at around 9:25 p.m. last Thursday and evidence collected included the alleged victim's leggings, underwear and shirt, as well as towels she said were used by both parties to clean up after the incident.

Kentucky also followed suit with Florida and suspended Tubman indefinitely; the delay might simply have been caused by how long it took police to communicate with the team, and in any case Tubman hasn't played this year, so it's not like they delayed it to get him on the field. Tubman is already insinuating on social media that he's innocent.

Hopefully, this will be the last of these stories to emerge for a while. True or false, they wreak havoc on the lives of either the accuser or the accused, and on an admittedly far less important note, I'm tired of writing about them.