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Reports: Treon Harris Suspended, Under Police Investigation

The details are sparse and there won't be any speculation here.

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Harris is under investigation for sexual assault. A full writeup of the situation, including a full statement from UF, is HERE. Our original story is below.

Florida took a very unusual step of canceling Will Muschamp's weekly press conference earlier today. We soon found out the likely reason why:

It's unlikely that the school will address the matter before the afternoon for this reason:

There will be no speculation on what the investigation is about here. At time of posting, the details are not public and no arrest record has made it to the local police website. We will provide updates as they come in.

It's obviously a blow to a football team that found a spark in Harris in the fourth quarter against Tennessee. With him sidelined indefinitely, backup duties will either fall to another true freshman in Will Grier—who was almost certainly going to redshirt this year and has been listed on recent injury reports for minor maladies—or sophomore Skyler Mornhinweg, who played in three games last season after season-ending injuries to Jeff Driskel and Tyler Murphy.