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Year2's Week 10 Picks

Getting up off the mat.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Last week: 5-1 straight up, 0-5-1 against the spread

Season: 60-12 straight up, 26-32-3 against the spread

Last week, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the conference. In terms of picking against the spread, it's pretty obvious that I didn't. Only one way to go from here: forward. I'm picking a lot of underdogs this week, so that could be a bad sign.

As always, the spreads come from the Yahoo! pick 'em game.

Texas A&M (-34) over UL-Monroe 50-10

Despite the Aggies going with a new quarterback in Kyle Allen, Monroe is down enough that I think the wealth of skill position talent runs away with this. I'm not feeling great about this pick, though.

Georgia (-11.5) over Florida 20-10

I expect both teams to run a lot—Florida has admitted as much—so I expect the defenses to have a good day and the clock to move quickly. The sooner this is over, the better for everyone, really.

Missouri (-8) over Kentucky 27-24

I think Mizzou's defense can hold the day here, but I'm not totally confident. This line feels way too high. Of course, that means the Tigers win this by 20.

Vanderbilt (-7.5) over Old Dominion 17-14

If I could, I would avoid picking this game. I have no clue, man. None.

Auburn (+2) over Ole Miss 27-20

Ole Miss is terribly beat up right now—even if most guys play as expected, they might not be 100%—and doesn't have the depth to cover for it. I think last week's close call with South Carolina might have been Auburn looking past a team that most people have written off by now, so I'll take the Tigers.

Mississippi State (-10.5) over Arkansas 33-17

This game will be somewhat close throughout, but I'll take the Bulldogs to pull away late.

South Carolina (-7) over Tennessee 24-21

This is another game I have no good feeling on. I would believe just about anything you could predict for this one.