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Vanderbilt vs. Missouri 2014: Halftime Notes

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Team 1 2 3 4
Vanderbilt 0 7
Missouri 3 7

~ It's halftime, and the Missouri offense is still struggling. Although they've out gained their opponents, Maty Mauk is still having a tough time throwing the football. At this juncture, he's 4-10 for just 50 yards. His 35-yard completion to Jimmie Hunt compiled more yards than he had the entire game last week against Florida.

~ The Missouri run game, meanwhile, has been nothing short of stellar. Marcus Murphy and Russell Hansbrough have combined for 102 yards on 19 carries, sharing 51 yards apiece. Murphy has looked a little better, gaining those 51 yards on just nine carries to Hansbrough's 10, but it was the latter who struck pay dirt before the end of the half as he scampered for a 10-yard touchdown run.

~ Vanderbilt's offense has not set the world on fire, but made a push at the end. Freshman Johnny McCrary has thrown for just 88 yards on 16 pass attempts, finding Nathan Marcus for a touchdown near the end of the half. The other highlight through the pass game has been the play of Steven Scheu, who has 54 yards on four receptions this afternoon.

~ The Commodores run game has been stalled, amounting for 40 yards on 17 carries. Ralph Webb has just 24 yards on nine carries, adding to a dismal 2.4 yards per carry today as a whole for the rushing offense.

~ It's been nearly even in time of possession as the 'Dores lead the Tigers in that department 16:21-13:31.

~ No turnovers to speak of just yet, but, Missouri has been penalized six times for 45 yards, to just two penalties for nine yards on the Vanderbilt side of the coin.

Enjoy (or, at least, try to enjoy) the second half!