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Missouri vs. Florida: Halftime Notes

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

- The Marcus Murphy Show is live in technicolor thus far through the first 30 minutes. Murphy returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, and would later score on a rushing touchdown. His kick return was a memorable one, as he broke the school record for return touchdowns.

- This game has not been friendly to offenses thus far. Maty Mauk and Jeff Driskel combined for 45 yards passing on 10-26 passes. Driskel was replaced by freshman Treon Harris, who is still finding his own fair share of struggles. The big offensive player for Florida is Matt Jones, who has 30 yards on eight carries.

- Turnovers are a huge factor as well through the first half of this contest. Mizzou has one off of an interception by Maty Mauk, while Florida has three off of two fumbles: one on a fumbled handoff, and another on a strip sack by Kentrell Brothers, and another off of a Jeff Driskel interception.

Stay tuned for the second half!