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Outback Bowl 2014: LSU Tigers 21, Iowa Hawkeyes 14: An Ugly Tenth Win

It wasn't a pretty game for LSU, but it was a win

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the contest for the most sluggish SEC bowl game of the season, we have a leader a little more than halfway in: LSU's 21-14 win against Iowa, which wasn't much to look at. The teams combined for 535 yards of total offense and 26 first downs. The quarterbacks combined to go 20-of-50 passing, and there were four turnovers. Even And the Valley Shook had to concede that, well, the game just wasn't good.

That game was pretty terrible. This game was just barely better than no football.

And that's the winning side. Jeremy Hill's 216 yards and two touchdowns on 28 carries are the closest thing to a highlight the game produced. Even the comedy potential -- aside from a Yakety Sax finish to the game, where LSU almost snapped the ball when it wanted to call a planned timeout -- was limited.

If he was looking to lock down a place as the quarterback of the future, Anthony Jennings could have used a better day. He was 7-of-19 for 82 yards, no touchdowns and an interception. He did have a two-yard run for LSU's first touchdown, but LSU rarely lacks people to run the football. It was one of the worst offensive games of Cam Cameron's tenure as offensive coordinator, marking the third-lowest point total and second-lowest yardage total of the season.

Those kinks can be worked out in the offseason. It ends up being a 10-win campaign for the Bayou Bengals and Les Miles, which should count as a solid year even for a team that expects to play for titles. You can't win them all, and you can't even like all the ones you win.