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SEC Power Poll Ballot for Week 2: Nothing Changes Until It Does

It's too early to embark on any radical re-examination of teams, but one team near the bottom of the poll is starting to make its move

Michael Chang

1. Alabama
Although, really, who knows at this point? The Tide's played one game and didn't look all that impressive doing it. We'll get more answers Saturday.

2. LSU
The only team to dispose of two FBS foes in an impressive manner, though UAB is getting to the point where it almost doesn't count as an FBS team.

3. Texas A&M
What will Johnny Manziel do this week to prove that he hates freedom?

4. Georgia
While Saturday's game didn't answer many of the questions about the Georgia defense, it did show that the Dawgs probably can outscore just about anyone.

5. South Carolina
I don't want to talk about it.

6. Florida
Year2 probably doesn't want to talk about it, but man did the Gators look awful in that loss to Miami. I watched almost all of that painful attempt at football, and it wasn't so much that Miami was the better team; it was that Florida was the worse team.

7. Ole Miss
They will either win at Texas this weekend or be firebombed like Dresden. There is no middle ground. And if it's the former, no video evidence of the loss will be preserved. #MemoryHole

8. Vanderbilt
Still waiting for them to look like the team I think they are.

9. Missouri
I'm not radically changing my assessment of a team based on a 15-point against Toledo.

10. Auburn
I've been impressed by how well the Tigers are playing this year. They're looking more and more like a bowl team. And more impressive so far than anyone below them on this list.

11. Mississippi State
This is more about Auburn moving up than State moving down. Waiting for what they do this weekend.

12. Tennessee
Let's just wait until we see the fiery death they die in Autzen before we go buying into this rebuilding job just yet. But, hey, Brandon Doughty just threw another interception.

13. Arkansas
No, I'm not impressed by your rousing 10-point victory against Samford.

14. Kentucky
Sagarin has Miami (OH) ranked 160th in the country, between Missouri State and Delaware. Kentucky should have annihilated them like it did. But I guess they've earned it back now: "They s'pposed to be SEC."