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TSK Pick 'Em Week 2 Results

A Georgia fan (perhaps?) takes it on a week that was good to Bulldogs.

With Week 2 in the books, it's time to check in on the pick 'em group.

The week's winner with 331 points was NCAA buttdialing violations, which sounds to me like it might be a Georgia fan's ironic entry name. If so, it was a very good weekend for him or her. Right behind was Darth Saban's Death Star, which did good work with 330 points even though the actual thing was not fully operational this past weekend.

Here is how the top 10 stands today:

  1. Bama Engineer, 543 points
  2. Darth Saban's Death Star, 541 points
  3. NCAA buttdialing violations, 534 points
  4. SECond2None, 532 points
  5. bmediger, 532 points
  6. weasome 530 points
  7. Zed, 525 points
  8. cocknfire's pick, 524 points
  9. Larry Smith for Chancellor, 517 points
  10. Highway 6, 516 points
  11. Jams' mediocre picks, 516 points

We have a new leader, and like with everything else in SEC football, we're all looking up at Alabama. Good luck to everyone this coming week!