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SEC Lunch: Delicious SEC Selections from Around the SB Nation for Sept. 6

Kevin C. Cox

Catching you up on some of the best stuff around the SB Nation about the SEC

Round Table Predictions: South Carolina: Georgia fans, or at least the ones writing for Dawg Sports, appear to be almost certain of a South Carolina victory. [Dawg Sports]

South Carolina at Georgia: Three Keys to Victory and Prediction: Gamecock fans also appear to be relatively confident, though none of them are calling for triple-digit blowouts. [Garnet and Black Attack]

Florida vs. Miami, Advance Scouting: U ready? 10 things to watch in Gators-'Canes: Including a fair amount of shots against the U, because. [Alligator Army]

MSU Offensive Coordinator: Scapegoat? And Modern Hiring Problems: #FireErrbody. But not really. Instead, you have a perfectly rational piece about whether ditching the Bulldogs' OC would actually do any good. [For Whom the Cowbell Tolls]

Around the SEC West: Week 1: Just in time for Week 2, the view from Ole Miss. [Red Cup Rebellion]

Alabama Football 2013: Trouble Looms In College Station: #ShotsFired. And they didn't even wait for game week. [Roll Bama Roll]