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SEC Lunch: Delicious SEC Selections from Around the SB Nation

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Catching you up on some of the best stuff around the SB Nation about the SEC

Mississippi State's Identity as a Football Program: It would be a bit much to say that the natives are getting restless in Starkville, but some of them are starting to grumble. Our Mississippi State blog breaks down some of the questions about Dan Mullen's future. [For Whom the Cowbell Tolls]

Crossing Enemy Lines: Q&A with Dawg Sports: The showdown between South Carolina and Georgia is your game of the week, folks. And if you think that's the South Carolina homer in me, just take a look at the schedule this weekend. [Garnet and Black Attack]

A Few Unfortunate Facts About Last Night's Clash Between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers: This is a couple of days old, but when John Heisman is mentioned more than once, it'll keep. [Dawg Sports]

Florida Power Rankings: Post Week 1: Florida is fourth, according to our Miami blog. Have fun. [State of the U]