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Pick 'Em Game Week 1 Results

All hail jd.

With Week 1 in the books, it means the first week of the pick 'em game is done. The big winner this week was jd, though Brandon represented the editorial staff quite well:

  1. jd, 209 points
  2. cocknfire's picks, 205 points
  3. Jams' mediocre picks, 201 points
  4. AfroCreep, 200 points
  5. SECond2none, 198 points
  6. MartinM, 193 points
  7. Bama Engineer, 192 points
  8. bmediger, 187 points
  9. Highway6, 187 points
  10. Smith Picks, 184 points
  11. weasom, 184 points

Congratulations to jd and also to the 33 of you who got your picks in on time. Best of luck in Week 2! The picks should open up either later today or tomorrow, so be sure to get your selections in.