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LSU Tigers vs. Georgia Bulldogs Preview: A Test of All Sorts

This game is a testing ground for the top of the conference.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

LSU Tigers vs. Georgia Bulldogs, 3:30 pm ET, CBS

This game is a wonderful test for so many things. Just how good is LSU's defense? How good is LSU's new offense? Can Georgia really win in the SEC by outscoring everyone? Can Georgia beat one of the top teams in the West?

I've watched more of Georgia this year than I have of LSU, so I feel like I know that team a bit better. It probably can outscore anyone in the country outside of Oregon and Baylor. Last week's underwhelming win over North Texas doesn't bother me one bit because it was a classic look ahead situation. This is still a very good team, and had a couple of bounces of the ball gone their way against Clemson, they'd probably be favored by more than mere home field advantage (three points) here.

I like LSU's chances in this one. Maybe its defense is a bit down from its recent plateau, but the apparent improvement in the offense more than makes up for it. South Carolina couldn't keep up with the Bulldogs' offense, but it doesn't have what LSU does on offense. All Les Miles had to do is find someone to bring the offense up to above average and the program would be in tremendous shape. So far, the LSU attack has been above average to say the least.

That's not to say that you can't write a compelling narrative that has UGA coming out on top. The Clemson offense that gave Todd Grantham's guys so much trouble in Week 1 couldn't be more different than LSU's offense. If the Bayou Bengals' attack wasn't already pro-style enough, the new coordinator came straight from the NFL. Dealing with conventional offenses is right in Grantham's wheelhouse. His defense can certainly get enough stops to allow Mike Bobo's offense to win the game.

Both offenses are ahead of the defenses in this one, so I expect to see some points. Quite a few points, actually. It won't get quite up where Alabama-Texas A&M did because neither of these teams is a hurry-up attack, but high 30s for each seems about right. It should be a great one.

Year2's Pick: LSU 39, Georgia 35