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Week 4 Pick 'Em Results

In which your authors prove their worth.

I didn't get a pick 'em post up last week, so I do want to recognize Larry Smith for Chancellor as the Week 3 winner. Congratulations on your success.

In Week 4, an entry simply named Lee had the high mark with 222 points. It was a pretty solid win, though your humble correspondents ended up second and third. I had 208 points to finish the weekly runner up, and Brandon was third with 207 points. I always feel good when we do well at these things because hey, we're supposed to be some degree of experts here, right? Of course, Brandon's the one who's tied atop the leaderboard and I'm not in the top 10, so maybe you should listen to him more.

Here is how the top ten overall stands through four weeks:

  1. cocknfire's pick, 850 points
  2. Larry Smith for Chancellor, 850 points
  3. SECond2None, 839 points
  4. Darth Saban's Death Star, 831 points
  5. AuburnMisfit, 819 points
  6. Jams' mediocre picks, 799 points
  7. Bama Engineer, 797 points
  8. Zed, 796 points
  9. Lee, 788 points
  10. NCAA buttdialing violations, 784 points

Congratulations to the leaders and good luck this weekend.