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SEC Television Schedule, Week 4

One more week, and then we get into the good part of the SEC schedule.

Kevin C. Cox


Auburn at LSU, 7:45 pm ET, ESPN

Surprised at the choice here? Don't be. LSU was supposed to have established itself with its win over TCU, but the Frogs' subsequent loss to Texas Tech throws into doubt just how big that victory was. Auburn has shown real signs of improvement with a few nice flashes of potential here and there.

This could be an entertaining one between Cam Cameron's vastly improved offense at LSU and Gus Malzahn doing what he does at Auburn. Plus, we are still trying to figure out if there are real SEC defenses at all this year, and with LSU being a candidate for having one, this game has a nice case for being a true game of the week this early on.


Vanderbilt at UMass, 12:00 pm ET, ESPNews

Can't tell you why Vandy is going up there, but it's going to be an ugly result for the home team.

North Texas at Georgia, 12:21 pm ET, SEC Network

It's not an overwhelming slate of games, and with this being the networks' fourth choice after the CBS game and the two prime time ESPN games. If this is the fourth choice, it's not a deep week of games.

Tennessee at Florida, 3:30 pm ET, CBS

It's not Week 3, but it's nice to see this game back on CBS. It probably won't be close, though, with Florida being the other candidate for having a real SEC defense and all of the quarterback issues on Rocky Top.

Arkansas at Rutgers, 3:30 pm ET, ESPN

I never would have guessed it in August, but this game has a chance of being one of the conference's better non-conference wins of the early season.

SMU at Texas A&M, 7:00 pm ET, ESPNU

Even if the Aggies have a let down game after the close loss to Bama, they should still win this one pretty handily.

Colorado State at Alabama, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN2

Jim McElwain comes back to Tuscaloosa to take on his old boss. Knowing all of Saban's secrets won't make a difference.

Troy at Mississippi State, 7:30 pm ET, FSN

Mississippi State is much more at risk of a letdown than A&M is given that it gave one away instead of having a comeback run out of gas. Heads up, Bulldogs.

Missouri at Indiana, 8:00 pm ET, BTN

The SEC had a game on the Longhorn Network last week. Now there's one on the Big Ten Network. Will the indignities never cease?