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SEC Lunch: Delicious SEC Selections from Around the SB Nation for Sept. 16

Michael Chang

Catching you up on some of the best stuff around the SB Nation about the SEC

TAKES: 2ND EDITION, VOLUME 3: Lot of good ruminations in this recap of the environment, and some of the football, of Auburn's first SEC victory in 11 games. [College and Magnolia]

Running Back Success Rates | Week 3: Your SEC leader for the week is Jalston Fowler, or T.J. Yeldon for guys with at least 10 carries. Yeah, both Alabama guys. But your leader for the season is Tra Carston, so at least that's an A&M guy. [Roll Bama Roll]

Tennessee Vols statistical rankings after Oregon: That's an impressive list of defensive categories in which Tennessee fell out of the Top 30 this weekend. Why do you figure that happened? [Rocky Top Talk]

Should Chris Boyd Be Allowed to Come Back to Vanderbilt Football?: A really thoughtful dissection of a difficult issue for any university to deal with. Whether you agree with it or not, you have to respect the argument. [Anchor of Gold]