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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Texas Longhorns Preview: Of Chaos and Black Holes

A reeling Texas team takes on the Rebels in a game that could turn into a track meet

Frederick Breedon

Mississippi Rebels vs. Texas Longhorns, 8 p.m. ET, Black Hole

Good luck finding this one on television. Unless you get the Longhorn network or live in Mississippi, Memphis or Mobile(?), you won't get to watch it tonight. Which is as good a reason as any for all SEC teams to avoid playing Texas in the non-conference schedule without written assurances that the game won't end up on Longhorn Network.

Setting that aside, it might be just as well as far as Texas is concerned. Ole Miss is a balanced team with the ability to run and pass en route to a 510.5-yard average in total offense in its first two games. Those two games are against Vanderbilt and Southeast Missouri State, though, so the value of that data point is up for debate. But it appears that they're pretty good on offense -- and Texas just gave up 550 yards to BYU. On the ground.

That led to Texas firing Manny Diaz and making Greg Robinson the defensive coordinator overnight, in a move that might work out in the long run (if it even does that) but can't help in the short run. This has all the signs of a team in chaos, and an unhappy fan base, the combination of which will do just enough to wipe out home field advantage.

Ole Miss 34, Texas 33