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A Handy Guide to SEC Scandals: From D.J. Fluker to the Investigation at Vanderbilt

It seems like every school in the league is being dogged by some scandal, controversy or other headache. Here's a comprehensive list so that you don't lose track

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It's hard to keep up with all the scandals and controversies that are going on around the SEC right now. So here's a handy guide to each school's potential distractions and violations, along with ratings of the sleaze involved and how much each item should concern fans from either a football, NCAA or other level. The scales are 1-10.

Alabama: Former OL D.J. Fluker is the most prominent and allegedly most involved of five players named in a Yahoo! Sports report for accepting impermissible benefits. Nick Saban would much rather talk about the Texas A&M game. The whole thing could remove Alabama's last national title if the NCAA can prove the rather well-documented allegations. (Amateur mistake.)  Which just means Nick Saban will now try to break the game with a scorched-earth campaign. | Sleaze level: 5 | Concern level: 8

Arkansas: They're good, thanks. | Sleaze level: 0, after being 15 for much of the last year | Concern level: 0

Auburn: Gus Malzahn's visor is an obvious attempt to steal Steve Spurrier's trademark from him. | Sleaze level: 1 | Concern level: 1 for most, 10 for beat writers

Florida: Will Muschamp doesn't like offense that much. | Sleaze level: 1 | Concern level: 11

Georgia: Mark Richt's hot seat lost control of Aaron Murray's big-game performances, or something. | Sleaze level: 0 | Concern level: 10. Always 10

Kentucky: They lost to Western Kentucky. That should be a scandal. | Sleaze level: 0 | Concern level: 10

LSU: Les Miles is a horrible, terrible, no-good human being. Or at least he was when he was at Oklahoma State, SI says. Players used drugs. They sometimes (gasp) skipped class. And in what might actually be legitimately problematic if it were more recent, some players allegedly accepted payment for on-field accomplishments. The likelihood that Miles gets punished here is still relatively low. | Sleaze level: 6 (based on first three installments) | Concern level: 5

Ole Miss: They are allegedly playing a game this weekend that no one will be allowed to watch. | Sleaze level: 10 for ESPN | Concern level: 1

Mississippi State: Former players Fletcher Cox and Chad Bumphis are also named in the Yahoo! Sports report. This would mark the first known instance of impermissible benefits being offered to a player who actually played for Dan Mullen in Starkville. They could see all kind of things vacated, including ... a win in the Music City Bowl. | Sleaze level: 4 | Concern level: 7

Missouri: Gary Pinkel doesn't care for apples in his oatmeal, and someone put apples in his oatmeal. | Sleaze level: 2 | Concern level: 3

South Carolina: The State has reportedly told a sports columnist who made his name off attacking South Carolina football coaches that he can't cover South Carolina football anymore. Steve Spurrier's bullying obviously helped trigger Ron Morris' new sports assignments, but the job of newspapers is to stand up to bullying head coaches and others and make their own staffing decisions. | Sleaze level: 6 for Spurrier, 9 for The State | Concern level: 2

Tennessee: Two players in the Yahoo! Sports story. In some ways, Tennessee has the most and the least to lose among the schools dealing with this, largely because there are fewer wins last season to be vacated. But one of the players, Maurice Couch, still plays for the team and could face suspension or other punishments based on the report. | Sleaze level: 4 | Concern level 7

Texas A&M: Johnny Manziel autographs things. Lots and lots of things. And allegedly gets paid for this though no one has ever proven such a thing. And tweets dumb stuff? And sleeps late? | Sleaze level: 4 | Concern level: 5

Vanderbilt: Four former Commodores were charged with rape and a fifth with helping orchestrate a cover-up as part of a sex-crimes investigation by local law enforcement. Somehow, this has gotten perhaps the least coverage of any of the (real) stories on this list. And to this point, it's the only one with a true victim. Even if ESPN is too busy watching Johnny Manziel's Twitter feed to notice. | Sleaze level: 10 | Concern level: 10