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Yahoo! Sports Accuses Five SEC Players of Taking Improper Benefits

There's plenty of documentation to back it up.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Charles Robinson and Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports have released a report accusing five SEC players of taking impermissible benefits during their careers. They are D.J. Fluker, Tyler Bray, Fletcher Cox, Chad Bumphis, and Maurice Couch. Couch is still at school at Tennessee.

All of the accusations are in relation to former Alabama player Luther Davis. According to Yahoo! Sports's sources, he was a "concierge" for financial advisers, and he is alleged to have provided money and plane tickets among other things to the players and their families.

Fluker is the biggest issue here. His violation supposedly happened in early 2012. If the NCAA finds that he took impermissible benefits, all of the Crimson Tide's wins from the 2012 season, including the BCS national championship, would almost certainly be vacated.

Transactions for Tennessee's two players and Mississippi State's two players also occurred before the 2012 season. Those teams' wins from '12 could easily be vacated as well. Nothing in the report suggests any coaches or the institutions knew about these alleged benefits, so it's unlikely that much more than vacated wins would be coming.

Robinson and Getlin have a large amount of detailed documents to back up their allegations. This report is not like the one that SI is rolling out this week that only uses personal testimony to back up its claims. They have emails, text message records, Western Union receipts, and more. This appears to be a pretty solid case.

Go read the report and see how thorough it is. At time of posting, none of the principle players or their schools have issue comments.