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SEC Lunch: Delicious SEC Selections from Around the SB Nation

Mike Zarrilli

Catching you up on some of the best stuff around the SB Nation about the SEC

Monday Morning Quarterback: The Pre-Season Edition: They're ranking your team, assuming your team is in the SEC. [For Whom the Cowbell Tolls]

Auburn football preview 2013: Projecting the November schedule: Auburn finishes 7-5, per our Auburn, with a win against Arkansas and a loss to everyone else in the final month. [College and Magnolia]

2013 Mizzou football preview: Vanderbilt is tough and vulnerable: But still probably good enough to narrowly beat the Tigers. [Rock M Nation]

Kentucky Football Hype Week: "I urge our readers to go into this season with an empty glass with hope of filling that glass with your favorite beverage as the season wears on." When does basketball season start? (I kid. Sorta.) [A Sea of Blue]

2013 Georgia Bulldogs Season Preview: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: It's a two-possession win because Georgia lays off, sez our Georgia blog. [Dawg Sports]

The Final Cockdown: #7 ALTERNATE UNIVERSE JADEVEON CLOWNEY: He likes folding things. [Garnet and Black Attack]

Florida vs. Toledo, Field Survey: What do you need to know, and what's at stake?: A thorough preview, especially considering that the opponent is a MAC team. [Alligator Army]