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NCAA Baseball Tournament: Vanderbilt 7, Georgia Tech 1 -- In the End, There Was Never a Doubt

The Commodores extend one of the best baseball seasons in SEC history and set up a super regional this weekend with Louisville

SEC Tournament
SEC Tournament

The 24-hour wait for Vanderbilt ended up being nothing but that: Finding themselves needing a win to preserve their national seed and bring Louisville to Nashville this weekend, the Commodores simply barreled through their final obstacle Monday and continued one of the greatest seasons in SEC history. It wasn't even close.

Vanderbilt cranked out 13 hits and walked eight times, an explosive showing the day after they were shut out. Meanwhile, Philip Pfeifer and Brian Miller allowed just four hits, three walks and one unearned run in a dominating pitching performance that kept Georgia Tech firmly out of the game.

Despite the one-day wait, Vanderbilt has looked mostly impressive as it almost swept up to the SEC tournament championship game and through their regional on the road to the the super regionals. That comes on top of holding the all-time record for SEC wins in a season and generally being one of the most impressive teams in the country.

Then again, because of all those accolades, the goals for this Vanderbilt team were higher going into the postseason than just getting through the first round. Anything less than Omaha, and arguably anything less than winning in Omaha, is going to be a disappointment this year, and betting against them is a dicey proposition.

The Commodores looked like they might be in trouble after Sunday's game, but not really. It ended up being nothing more than a chance to put an exclamation point on a season that has a lot of time left.