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NCAA Tournament: LSU 5, Lousiana-Lafayette 1 -- Let's Try This Again

We can stop the 'LSU lost to Stony Brook' jokes. And while we're sad to see them go, LSU has an opportunity now to get the last laugh


Everyone who blogs should shed a tear tonight -- except for LSU fans -- because one of the easiest jokes in college baseball is about to die: No matter what happens next, LSU will no longer have lost its last super regional to Stony Brook. That much was cleared up when the Tigers defeated their cross-state quasi-rivals to set up the next super regional in Alex Box Stadium, this one against Oklahoma, which won in Blacksburg as the No. 2 seed.

After sputtering around for a few innings and coming up with a 1-0 lead, the LSU offense broke through for three runs on four singles in the sixth. They would tack on another run later, while the pitching staff managed to keep Lousiana (-Lafayette) largely off the board. A trio of Tigers pitchers actually held the Ragin' Cajuns to three hits against eight strikeouts, with the lone run coming on an error and a double.

So LSU gets a shot at redemption this year, and even if the Sooners manage to go into Baton Rouge and win two games -- well, they're not Stony Brook. The Tigers have proven throughout the season that they're not a punchline, and now they get the chance to remove a punchline, as well. Adding a trip to Omaha would be nice.