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Tuesday Morning News Blitz 05.14.13

News and notes from around the conference.



Roll Bama Roll

We learnin stuff, y'all.

College and Magnolia

It's a long time until football season, but it's never too early to start thinking about Auburn's Week 1 matchup against the Cougars.

Dawg Sports

Remember when we were told that Georgia's excellent but ultimately disappointing performance in the SEC Championship Game against Alabama was going to finally garner the 2012 Georgia Bulldogs some hard-earned respect? Yeah... not so much...

And the Valley Shook

A look at what's going on in recruiting, including a commitment from the nation's #1 JUCO player, WR D'haquille Williams.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

It appears that Dan is the highest paid state employee for our fine state, but that's based on a few assumptions.

Good Bull Hunting

We take a road trip around the state to gauge the reaction to our newly-unveiled Tower of Babel.

Anchor of Gold

Wes Lunt, the 7th-ranked quarterback in the class of 2012, is leaving Oklahoma State after an injury cut his freshman year short. Vanderbilt is on his short list of destinations, along with Illinois, Southern Mississippi, Louisville, and Tennessee.


Alligator Army

Florida thought it was losing small forward DeVon Walker. Then Walker thought again.

A Sea of Blue

Tired of all the "Wiggins' Watch"? Don't be. The long wait is better for Kentucky, no matter where he goes.

Rock M Nation

Jordan Clarkson's good, a judge turns down Frank Haith, the schedule is taking shape, Phil Pressey is Combining, and Alex Oriakhi is not.


College and Magnolia

It sounds like Jay Jacobs will continue to steer the ship.