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Take a Course This Fall with Prof. Dr. Saban [U: It's a hoax]

The four-time national champion coach will be visiting the classroom and actually using his degrees.

"What did I tell you about split infinitives?"
"What did I tell you about split infinitives?"
Kevin C. Cox

Something interesting popped up this morning: Nick Saban will be in the classroom this fall at Alabama. Here's what the course description reads, in part:

EN 408-001 ADV CREATIVE WRITING MWF 9:00 - 9:50 am Oliu/Saban

Tuscaloosa: Writing Like a Champion

In compliance with the Coaches in the Classroom Act of 2013, Head Football Coach Nick Saban will join Brian Oliu as a weekly guest lecturer in 408-001 Advanced Creative Writing. The focus in this course will by applying "The Process" to creative work regarding the creative ethos in Tuscaloosa. Prior to his career in athletics, Coach Saban earned a PhD in English, with a focus in Transcendentalism, from Kent State.

So that's something I didn't know. He's not just Coach Saban. He's Dr. Saban.

Also, among the things listed in the textbook information section are Write Like a Champion by Nick Saban, Sonnets for Sideline Reporters by Joe Namath, and Song of MySaban [sic] by Gene Chizik. If anyone can get into the class and/or get their hands on these texts, please do and let us know. This could be epic. It could end up really boring, but it could be epic.

Update: It's a hoax, so the joke's on me. It's a pretty good one, though.