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Florida to Take On Dunk City, FGCU

The Gators will be the villains in JerryWorld, as their next game is against America's new sweetheart.

Rob Carr

It's official: Florida Gulf Coast is the first 15-seed to play in the Sweet 16, and it's Florida's next opponent in the tournament. They haven't just squeaked by their opponents. Oh, no. They've delivered knockout blows with authority, tossing lobs and earning the nickname of Dunk City:

FGCU lob dunk

FGCU is not a bad team by any stretch. It took out the Big East champion Georgetown in the Round of 64, and it beat the eventual ACC champ Miami (FL) in the regular season. The decision to make the Eagles a 15-seed is one that the committee might reconsider if it had things to do over again, as the team clearly has talent and athleticism far beyond the typical team of that line. Albany, Pacific, and Iona are nowhere near this team.

How much trouble will FGCU give Florida? That's a question I'll try to answer this week. Clearly, it can beat Florida if its capable of taking down the Hoyas and Hurricanes. But will it under these circumstances? That's a whole other issue.

Anyway, we're in uncharted territory here with this Eagles team. Given the way the first two rounds went, it's safe to say that whatever happens with FGCU, it'll be a load of fun.