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Alex Collins' Mother Absconds With Letter of Intent

Alex Collins is ready to sign with Arkansas. If only he could find the legal instrument allowing him to do so

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Wesley Hitt

There is one thing Bret Bielema is so far not changing at Arkansas: The penchant for the weirdest stories to happen in relation to the Razorbacks. Exhibit A would be the ballad of Alex Collins, whose mother has apparently run away with his national letter of intent.

This would seem to be a hiccup in the Bielema plan, at least for the moment and at least as it applies to Alex Collins. The signing of the letter of intent is not a formality; Collins need the signature of a parent to play for Arkansas, and that does not appear to be immediately forthcoming with the mother and the letter currently missing.

The smart money says that this intrafamily tiff will be resolved, with Collins likely getting to call the Hogs in the end. But this is Arkansas, so anything is possible, up to and including the letter turning up on the back of Bobby Petrino's motorcycle.